Our Values and Competencies

Our Values are an organisational commitment to each other and our community. They are a promise of how we will go about delivering on our vision, to facilitate sustainable development in the Canterbury region.

We are looking for people to join us who can demonstrate the right culture fit – we want people who can demonstrate these values in the way they work every day.

The Values reflect our key business drivers so we need to go about our work in a way that demonstrates those values on a day-to-day basis to ensure we succeed. Our executive and senior leadership teams are committed to living these values and supporting staff to embed and live the values in their roles.

To get the right people we use a Competency Framework as part of our selection criteria; competencies provide guidance on expected skills, behaviours and attitudes. They reinforce the ways of working for staff to successfully deliver the organisation’s vision – informed by our Strategic Direction (what we need to do) and the Values (how we need to do it).

Our competency framework has been designed to set simple and aligned expectations by:

• setting six competencies that apply to all roles in the organisation

• identifying the different expectations at each of four organisational levels which are determined by the complexity of the role.

We will be looking for candidates to demonstrate these competencies in your curriculum vitae, during interviews where we will ask you specific questions based on the competencies appropriate to the role, and during ability and psychometric assessments.

The job description for each role sets out the competency level expected of the role. Use the information below to find out more detail about what is expected at that level and what we will be looking for from you as a candidate.

Senior Leader Competencies

Team Leader Competencies

Technical Leader Competencies

Team Member Competencies