Benefits and Additional Information

Benefits of the Job

Aside from the fact that Environment Canterbury is a wonderful place to work, where you will achieve job satisfaction by the bucket load, there are many other rewards.


Your commitment to Environment Canterbury will be rewarded with a competitive remuneration package.  We constantly monitor our salaries by participating in regular salary surveys.  This ensures our remuneration is consistent with the national Public Sector Market, as well as the wider jobs market.  We also review most salaries annually based on performance.

Superannuation and Medical Insurance

We provide access to the SuperEasy KiwiSaver Scheme for eligible employees, for information about the Scheme, visit

We have set up a group medical insurance scheme with Southern Cross Health Society, further information about the scheme is available here Southern Cross.pdf.

Job Satisfaction

Our staff are passionate about the environment.  Working for Environment Canterbury gives them the opportunity to work for the good of the environment in the company of a wide variety of highly qualified specialists who achieve tremendous satisfaction from their work.  What we offer is the opportunity to make a difference to the quality of the environment you live in ……. What could be more rewarding?


Working Conditions

Our working conditions vary a little since the earthquakes and our Christchurch staff look forward to soon being located in a new purpose-designed building in the central city. Staff are often able to access flexible start and finish times as well.


Continuous Learning

To help staff reach their full potential, we support them through a range of learning and development opportunities, including coaching, mentoring and technical training.  We are committed to bringing fresh talent into the organisation and our comprehensive one-year Stepping Stones development programme is one of the most sought after in the region.  Successful candidates get to cut their teeth in an interesting and dynamic environment, with the support of monthly sessions, networking opportunities and career planning.  Further, financial assistance and study leave may be available for employees who want to study part-time for relevant qualifications.


Terms and Conditions

If you choose to join one of the Unions that are party to our collective employment agreements, your terms and conditions of employment may constitute either of the following, depending on the exact nature of your role.

Staff Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct has been developed to guide you through the standards of behaviour that are expected of our staff. It sets out our expectations based on four key principles; that you are fair, impartial, responsible and trustworthy and can be viewed here Code of Conduct.pdf